Dec 13, 2009

Santa: Bring some Snow!

Halloween just ended, but the holiday cups are already out

I have been desperately craving Starbucks Hot Chocolate because they have amazing hot chocolate. Its like super chocolately and I love it. I am not much of a coffee person but I love hot chocolate. So this week im going for sure because I want it.

And recently Ive been on a kettlecorn kick. I have no idea why. But its so freakin delicious. I have some microwavable kind and I love it so much. Also Puppy Chow. OMG delicious. I love puppy chow.

Tights!!! I have been wearing alot of tights recently and I am not sure why. I have a gray pair and a red pair. So cute! Hopefully Santa brings me some :)

Hopefully I will post my christmas wishlist video sometime this week! Exam week... AHHHH!


ILoveNereus said...

oh man i love the hot chocolate from starbucks! i had 2 grandes of hot chocolate on black friday while i was shopping! :) i have exams this week too! i hope you do well on them!

FilmGirl said...

Ugh...exams!!! I love hot chocolate too, especially from Starbucks. I'll have to get one soon! :)