Sep 30, 2009

Another Update...

Wow guys I suck at keeping my blog updated during the school year. Please forgive me! I know some people like reading my fashion/makeup posts but I havent had the time do them! Sorry sorry sorry! So here is a lame update...

-Ive had a butt load of homework, projects and papers. Especially in my Fashion 2 class. Ive had three projects this past month in my Fashion 2 class. One we had to go through magazines and such to find 70 examples of necklines, sleeves, pant styles, short lenghts, dress styles, skirts and more. That took me forever and I didnt even finish some examples, so I got like a 94% which is okay with me! Then right now I have a powerpoint of fashion in the 1930's due Friday and I have to do four sketches of designs for my time period then make an outfit for a Barbie to show it off... Yeah kinda difficult to make Barbie clothes cause they are so small.
-Homecoming was fun though! I loved my dress that I borrowed from my friend cause I couldnt find one I really liked. I will put a picture somewhere in this post! Thats me with my friend. We are pretty :D
-Ive been injured so much this cross country season. I had knee problems at the beginning of the year and now I have a problem with my achilles so my time is like 3 minutes slower than usual for a 5k. Im terrible this season. Hopefully I will do better Saturday!

Sep 14, 2009

Kim Kardashian MAC Makeup Favorites

Hey everyone! Today I was just browsing the web and youtube and I found this really interesting website that told me everything that Kim Kardashian wears from MAC and her favorites. Now if you are one of the many haters or someone who already knows this, dont continue reading because Im just going to write about her favorites.

For eyes Kim really likes to use MAC Pigments, according to a few websites her favorites are Naked and Tan for an all over the lid shimmer. And for her signature smokey look she loves to use MAC Carbon, Knight Divine and Embark. Also to keep the shadows from creasing, she uses MAC Painterly Paint Pot.

For lips, everyone knows she uses the MAC Lipstick in Angel.

And for cheeks she likes cream blushes because she says they stay on longer, but she likes to wear the blush in Pink Swoon.

Sep 10, 2009


I have been slacking on the blog recently and I am super sorry. I know most of you are following this blog for makeup or fashion related purposes, but no, I have to be a slacker and not do any. I apologize cause this is another update...

Recently I have had a butt load of homework. I had a fashion project that was due yesterday that took me forever and a half. I had to find 69 (no pun intended) examples of like sleeves, necklines, dresses ect. Difficult stuff. And I have a ton of homework every night in Pre-Cal. No fun. Then I have a Spanish test tomorrow that I really need to study for.

Homecoming is next week. I am pretty dern excited for that. I am going to my friends house before hand to get our pictures taken with all my friends and to eat dinner. So thats fun right? I have also been thinking about my makeup I am going to wear with my dress. I think I am going to do a neutral look because I just like neutrals haha. My dress is black, so nothing exciting. Oh and I dont have a date, which is totally awesome cause I like going single and dancing with any guy I want. No I am not a whore but that sounded very whoreish.

Oh yah and in case you didnt know this already, I got a MacBook! Finally! The quality is amazing and I love it so much. Its just so lovely. I am in love with it.

I have been on a major MAC craving lately. I just want to go to the cosmetics store and buy tons of stuff, especially the dupes for the mac spiced chocolate quad. If you want to know the dupes just read the post below this. Like I need the quad haha. I might just put them in a quad and pretend its the Spiced Chocolate quad, just kidding. I just want it so much cause I think it will make my eyes pop. Oh yah that reminds me people say they like my eyes in my last video and some dont believe those are my real eyes... but they are. I am not wearing colored contacts lol.

Ok I have typed enough and need to eat dinner.

As always


Sep 6, 2009

Sarah Got a Macbook! (Finally!)

I am so excited in case you cant tell. I've wanted a MacBook for the longest time! And finally my dad said yes, my mom has always said yes but my dad being the strict parent he is, would always end up saying no. I have no idea why he suddenly let me. I'm not gonna question it lol cause I finally got it!

I've been on it all the time! I just love it so much. I cant wait to get either a Juicy Couture laptop case or a Betseyville by Betsey Johnson laptop case??? Any opinions? I'm thinking Betsey Johnson cause its cheaper, and if it gets dirty... oh well!

So I guess I will update this later with a makeup or fashion related post!


Sep 2, 2009

Duping MAC Spiced Chocolate Quad

Unfortunately I wasnt really into MAC that much in September of 2008 last year, therefore I never got to get the Spiced Chocolate Quad. I really want it, but I'm not gonna spend the crazy prices on eBay which is unsafe anyways or on allcosmeticswholesale, which is safe just really expensive. No CCO's near me have them which is very unfortunate but thats okay cause I tried to find the closest dupes of the eyeshadows!

The colors starting at the top left and going clockwise- Nanogold, Brash, Sweet Chestnut and Spiced Chocolate.

*Please note that these are not exact dupes! I'm trying to help everyone and help me get the closest makeup look*

*All dupes are regular eyeshadows at MAC*

-Nanogold Dupe- Shroom.
-Brash- A Combonation of Amber Lights with a little bit of Antiqued.
-Sweet Chestnut- Sketch.
-Spiced Chocolate- Swiss Chocolate.

I hope this was somewhat useful to some people who really like this quad and never got to get it. Try out these colors and let me know. I'm gonna get Amber Lights and Antiqued next time I go to MAC so I can do a look with them!