Sep 2, 2009

Duping MAC Spiced Chocolate Quad

Unfortunately I wasnt really into MAC that much in September of 2008 last year, therefore I never got to get the Spiced Chocolate Quad. I really want it, but I'm not gonna spend the crazy prices on eBay which is unsafe anyways or on allcosmeticswholesale, which is safe just really expensive. No CCO's near me have them which is very unfortunate but thats okay cause I tried to find the closest dupes of the eyeshadows!

The colors starting at the top left and going clockwise- Nanogold, Brash, Sweet Chestnut and Spiced Chocolate.

*Please note that these are not exact dupes! I'm trying to help everyone and help me get the closest makeup look*

*All dupes are regular eyeshadows at MAC*

-Nanogold Dupe- Shroom.
-Brash- A Combonation of Amber Lights with a little bit of Antiqued.
-Sweet Chestnut- Sketch.
-Spiced Chocolate- Swiss Chocolate.

I hope this was somewhat useful to some people who really like this quad and never got to get it. Try out these colors and let me know. I'm gonna get Amber Lights and Antiqued next time I go to MAC so I can do a look with them!


The Official Poindexter Kid. said...

Nanogold: Motif
Brash: Coppering
Sweet Chestnut: Cranberry
Spiced Chocolate: Embark
That's as close as I can get...hope I helped! :)

Anonymous said...

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