Nov 29, 2009

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Its now officially Christmas season and I could not be any more excited about that. I love the holidays. Everything and everyone seems to be happy in anticipation for Christmas. I love the season more than the actual day. I cant wait to help my grandma bake cookies, well watch her make cookies as I eat them because I cant cook. I am already listening to Christmas music and doing Christmas Shopping! Its just so exciting. Whats your favorite part about christmas? Let me know in the comments section :)

Nov 25, 2009

Steph Pratt Glams Up!

Oh my gosh. Steph Pratt where did your inner fashionista come from? I have never seen her look so pretty before. The dress is so complimenting to her skin tone and her hair color. I love it. I have no idea what designer the dress is, but she worked it in my opinion. Do you all like it?

Nov 24, 2009

Survey-ing it up!

Callie did this on her blog. So I am stealing it :) click to see her blog!

1. What's your name?
They call me Sarah.

2. Your favorite food?
Okay so I have this weird thing when I feel bad if I call only one thing my favorite food. I feel like im excluding the other foods haha. But i do enjoy eating cupcakes, strawberries, mashed potatos, reese cups, and alot of other fruits.

3. You could have any persons closet in the world. Who's?
I would say Lauren Conrad for sure because she is my style icon. I dont think I have ever seen her in an outfit I dont like. I also like the way Whitney Port dresses too. Its so chic. Lemme think... I would also say Hilary Duff or Taylor swift because they both dress very feminine and I love that. Plus have you seen how much LV Hilary has? Its awesome. And taylors dress collection is amazing.

4. Favorite Movie?
The Notebook. Enough Said.

5. Favorite TV Show?
The City. Two and a half men. The Big Bang Theory. Keeping up with the Kardashians.

6. You can have any guy in the world right now. Who?
I would have to say Prince from england. The older one. I dont remember his name. He is sexy and rich :P

Nov 15, 2009

Forever 21 Mini Haul

So I went to Forever 21 today and my new H&M! I didnt see anything really at H&M besides this adorable beret but I talked myself out of it. I did get two things at Forever 21 though that I am super excited about.

First thing I got was this adorable dress. It looks like a black top on the top then under the bust it goes into a interesting print skirt. I love it. It was only like $13, so bargain? Yes!

And lastly I got an awesome pair of violet cordoroys to wear with my black slouchy boots. They will look so cute with them. I couldnt find them online, but I got them for only $7!

Nov 13, 2009

True Life: I Have 0 Creativity

Everyone is doing an In & Out blog posts and I really wanted to do one too. So i am copying others. Sorry I am not creative enough for new idea. This is different than my "Lovin & Hatin" Post because primarily they focus on just fashion. And these are like more your life and whatever you have liked recently.

1.) Boots- I have been loving boots so much recently. I wear my slouchy black ones and my chestnut Uggs so often its crazy. I love how versitile they are. They are definately my must haves for the fall/winter. I was going to ask Santa for another pair of Uggs, but I figured since I already have one nice pair, I should be just happy with those. So instead of Uggs I think I am going to ask for cute ankle boots.

2.) Holiday Season- I love the holiday season. Even though I dont start officially listening to Christmas music till the day after Thanksgiving I am very excited. I love Black Friday. Its one of my favorite days of the year.

3.) Louis Vuitton Speedy 30- I envy Callie for having a Speedy. Check out her blog

4.) Feel It- This is an awesome song by Tiesto, Sean Kingston and Flo Rida. Youtube it. Amazing.

1.) Cross Country- After tomorrow the season is over! I am super excited to have time to record videos and update my blog.

2.) Youtube- They havent replied to my partnership form yet...

3.) Party in the USA- I use to love this but I am getting sick of it because it like stalks me where ever I go, but I love to listen to it really loud in my friends cars and sing along really loudly with bestie :)

Nov 8, 2009

Warm Palette Thoughts

I have recently been considering making an order at so I can buy the 88 Warm Palette. I have seen many tutorials using the colors in the palette and they seem so pretty. So, before I spend like thirty dollars with shipping, I wanted to know if any of you have tried this palette yet and your opinions on it. Let me know. Thanks girls!


Nov 2, 2009

Best Outfits of Lady Gaga

Not only is Lady GaGa an amazing singer and performer, she is an awesome fashionista. I don't think she gets enough credit for the risks she takes in clothes, she is very avant guard and daring, which is what I love about her outfits. If you ever see something in a store that makes you think "wow who would ever wear that?" Most likely Lady GaGa would. So I have picked out my top outfits she has worn. Enjoy and share your opinion by leaving me a comment.

I love her hair in this picture. I also love the big bow in the front of the leotard and the sunglasses. Good job GaGa!

Who doesnt love her many oragami dresses? I think they look stunning on her.

Another oragami outfit.

Butterflies everywhere. I think the hat and sunglasses pull it all together.

The assymetrical aspect of the dress makes this so interesting. The contrast of curved lines and straight. Love it :)