Nov 13, 2009

True Life: I Have 0 Creativity

Everyone is doing an In & Out blog posts and I really wanted to do one too. So i am copying others. Sorry I am not creative enough for new idea. This is different than my "Lovin & Hatin" Post because primarily they focus on just fashion. And these are like more your life and whatever you have liked recently.

1.) Boots- I have been loving boots so much recently. I wear my slouchy black ones and my chestnut Uggs so often its crazy. I love how versitile they are. They are definately my must haves for the fall/winter. I was going to ask Santa for another pair of Uggs, but I figured since I already have one nice pair, I should be just happy with those. So instead of Uggs I think I am going to ask for cute ankle boots.

2.) Holiday Season- I love the holiday season. Even though I dont start officially listening to Christmas music till the day after Thanksgiving I am very excited. I love Black Friday. Its one of my favorite days of the year.

3.) Louis Vuitton Speedy 30- I envy Callie for having a Speedy. Check out her blog

4.) Feel It- This is an awesome song by Tiesto, Sean Kingston and Flo Rida. Youtube it. Amazing.

1.) Cross Country- After tomorrow the season is over! I am super excited to have time to record videos and update my blog.

2.) Youtube- They havent replied to my partnership form yet...

3.) Party in the USA- I use to love this but I am getting sick of it because it like stalks me where ever I go, but I love to listen to it really loud in my friends cars and sing along really loudly with bestie :)


Anonymous said...

I am ChristinaaCouture17 on youtube lol and xtina17 on twitter but I have to say I love this post I completely agree. I wear my tall Chestnut Uggs almost everyday with everything between T-Shirts and Skirts. I am asking for black Steve Madden Slouchy boots for Christmas Also I really love the Holidays these 2 months (November & December) are probably 2 out of 3 of my favorite months. I really like decorating for Christmas, making my Christmas List, and going shopping for peoples presents. You are so right on cross-country, my season ended last Saturday at our State Meet, we won for out class, so it was a happy ending but now I actually have time for the computer.

Timeless Fashionista said...

Aww, thanks Sarah!! :) I feel the exact same way about party in the usa. My sister always has disney channel on and it plays all the time...

As far as youtube goes: I have never applied for partner, but is it possible maybe they didn't get it? Because maybe you can fill it out again and it might catch their attention..