Aug 27, 2009

Feather Headbands.

Feather Headbands seem to be this years new thing. And if you dont know what I'm talking about look at the picture below.

The funny thing is, is when I was in NYC this summer I saw a ton of these being sold at steet vendors on the streets of soho and I was like OMG i have to get one. They were like 8 dollars there. Of course I forgot to buy one... but thats ok. Now I cant find any cute one in stores!

Anyways these are very in this season. It's very gossip girl-esque. It is edgy and chic but at the same time preppy and cute! Anyone can pull them off. I cant wait to find one for fall. It will look adorable with a cardigan.

gossip girl... jk sarah

Aug 26, 2009

Hey girl! Today I was just browsing a few old websites on my favorites and I totally forgot about this freakin awesome website. The website is called and its got so many mac eyeshadow combonations on it. There is an alphabetical line and say you wanted to know eyeshadow combos with the MAC eyeshadow "Antiqued", you click "a" then look for antiqued and it will give you a ton of combonations.

I didn't know if some of your guys knew about this website yet, so I figured I would tell you because I love it!

And if you dont like that one try out because they do pretty much the same thing!


Aug 23, 2009

Top 3 Fall Nail Colors

Hey guys so instead of doing these stupid updates and stuff that I have been doing alot of recently, its time for an actual informative post! Yay! So lets talk nail polishes for fall. Darker colors.

Please note that these pictures aren't mine, they belong to lextard on Flickr.

The first one I think is perfect for fall is Sephora by OPI Metro Chic Its a gorgeous dirty purple gray. It's an edgy color that can be worn with alot of things, so its very versitile.

The second one is Plumski by Essie. Its a gorgeous wine color. I LOVE reds in the fall because its just a fall color and really good for Christmas or Thanksgiving time which is the best time of the year in my opinion.

The last one I think would look oh so pretty in fall is Ruby Pumps by China Glaze. I love this one. I own it and its just so pretty and glittery. I know that glitters arent "in" like matte nail polishes are but I love love love this. Try it out if you havent already at your local Sally's.

Bargain Huntin

Hey guys so today I went purse shopping cause I havent bought like an everyday purse since Feburary which is SO crazy for me because I love purses. I went to tj maxx and Dillards in search and didnt see anything so we went to the bigger TJ Maxx in a different state and I got...

A Juicy Wristlet!
It was only $30 dollars and it was normally $78 so thats pretty much a bargain. I'm not gonna lie, my mom did buy me this because I gave her one of my old coach's I dont like that she likes. So yay! I wanted this cute Betsey Johnson bag but it was stained so Sarah didnt buy it.

Also I think I am getting a regular Macbook because Macbook pro's are too complex for me haha. I like how cute the white ones are anyways because they are so classy looking. I told my mom about the Betsey Johnson laptop cases and she said Santa would bring me one! haha. The one I really like is animal print (shocker ik)

So that's it I think. I cant believe the video I am gonna record tonight might be one of the last ones on my regular camera!

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Aug 22, 2009


Okay so I have a kinda large announcement! In case you haven't read on twitter or anything, I am buying a Macbook very very soon! My own money every single penny of it. I could not be more excited about it too!

I'm not buying one new though, I'm buying one from someone. Its 100% safe no worries ahah! Now the bad thing about this is I cant buy much until I pay 300 dollars back to my parents because I have all the money but 300 of it. This means no serious shopping. Maybe the occasional going shopping with mom and she treating me to something, but thats it. No MAC till after November I told my mom cause I have plenty. But my wishlist is growing which I guess is good cause I can ask for the things I want for Christmas (125 days I have a countdown on my computer). So ya...

I cant decide if I would rather have the older Macbook Pro like this one...

I like how big the screen is on this one! It has the same amount of GB and hard drive as the white one I'm looking at and they are both around the same price. And they include iLife and Microsoft Office already! So ya thats good! If you have a macbook please tell me which one you have and which one you think I should get.

Then the white macbook looks like this in case you dont know what it looks like,

So I am so excited!


Aug 20, 2009

OPI Done Out In Deco

Lovely lovely color! Its a cream finish, which is my favorite personally. The color is a light lavender with gray tint to it. I love it! I think it would be perfect for winter because the gray and purple are light but dark.

The one disadvantage is this one chips so much! I never have big problems with OPI's chipping but dang this one does.

Aug 14, 2009

OPI Matte Collection

As yall know, I am a major nail polish freak. I have always been a big fan of buying nail polishes and I probably will always be one. Recently I have become obsessed with OPI and higher end nail polishes.

The launch is called the Matte Collection featuring 6 popular colors that were turned into these matte finishes. And when I say matte I dont mean like most shiny matte nail polishes, these are LEGIT matte finishes. I am super excited about this launch because it has this gorgeous version of OPI You Don't Know Jacques! The picture below is from flickr. Not my picture.

The other 5 colors in this collection are:
-Alpine Snow
-Russian Navy
-La Paz-itively Hot
-Lincoln Park After Dark
-Gargantuan Green Grape

Hopefully my Ulta has this collection because I want that nail polish!

Comment Please! I love reading them!


Mermaid Look

Contest Entry for MacBarbie07!

What I used...
Black Bean NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil
Beige-ing Shadestick
GD Lime Light Pie
GD Surfs Up
GD Fabulous
GD Glam Girl
GD Disco White

Aug 11, 2009

Love and Hate #2

Back by popular demand!

I'm Loving...

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30- I want one so bad. These bags are heaven in a purse. To me they are timeless (well they are) and will never be considered last seasons item. Its a very classy purse that if I had money to spend I would buy like right now.

2. Big Bows- We all know what a big bow looks like and I just love how they look as an accent on shirts or dresses. They are so adorable!

3. Polos- I dont know why I am going back to polos all the sudden. I had like polo overkill back in middle school cause thats all we could pretty much wear. I like the Abercrombie polos personally. Once again these are a timeless piece.

4. Diane von Furstenberg- Everytime I go on polyvore this is what catches my attention. This lady is a fashion goddess!

I'm Hating...

1.Printed Leggings- No offense. I know alot like these cause they are in style now. However, you will not catch me in these suckers. I like denim leggings but thats about it.

2. Rompers- They just arent me. I know some are cute, but not me. Not my style at all. I just dont like overalls and thats what rompers remind me of.

Freakishly Long Update

So I start school next Tuesday and quite honestly im like nervous and excited about going back. I am going into my junior year at my public (people always ask if i attend private school) high school. I have a hard schedule this year. I have two AP classes! Ahh. Im taking a class before school starts every morning so I can have an extra credit. Its quite crazy.

Im going shopping this weekend for school supplies, clothes and maybe a new purse! We are gonna go to Platos Closet to give some of my old Abercrombie shirts for money. Then of course we are going to go to the mall. Yippee! I think we are also going to go to MAC so I can get two brushes, the 224 for sure and either the 219 or 213. I think I might also get brush cleaner. Not sure. Then we are going to go to Ulta cause I need a few things from there. Some OPI, a teasing comb, CHI Silk Infusion, and Proactiv. I'm super excited about Proactiv!

I have a feeling this is going to be a long post. So anyways, I am also thinking about ordering from Candles by Victoria because I dont own any candles lol. I think they would like help me relax as I do my homework because I am a freak like that. So I think I am going to order three candles! Woohoo. The scents I am considering are...
-Pink Sugar (for sure getting). I just love the smell of this perfume so I have to have it in a candle form!
-I'm a Rockstar- smells like Rockstar Soap which I love the smell of.
-Chocolate Chip Cookie- I love chocolate chip cookies. Enough said.
-Flapjacks- One of my favorite foods. How cool is that?
-Honey I Washed The Youngins- People seem to like the smell of Honey I washed the Kids, so might give it a try.
So i must narrow these choices down to two or three!

Hmmm what else can I ramble on and on about... Oh yes. Teen Choice Awards.

First off, WTF Miley? I gotta admit that I like some of her songs but sweet baby jesus what the crap was Miley wearing? That was so innapropriate for her age. I dont wanna see your black bra and slutty shorts! The pole dancing wasnt like really really bad, but she was dancing with a pole. Not pole dancing exactly.

Second thing. Poor Vanessa! That whole joke that the comedian (David Cook?) did was so rude. I dislike her but I honestly felt bad for her.

Third. Fred. Enough said.

Okay so i think I talked aimlessly enough.


Aug 10, 2009

My Attempt at a Pin-Up Look

So I tried last night to do a Pin-Up Girl look for Haley & Hayley's Contest and i dont think I was meant to be a pin up girl haha. I dont know yet if I am going to post this contest entry because I didnt really like the results but I'm showing you guys anyways!



Aug 9, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey girls! Long time no talk! Ive been MIA this whole week because I was in Gulf Shores Alabama with my family for vacation. We had a great time and left a day early because the last day it was raining and the beach had one of those red flags which are bad.

I did alot of shopping while I was down there. I spent way for than I planned on spending. Woopsies. I probably spent about $100 down there which is alot to me. So I will probably post a haul sometime soon. Im pretty excited about everything I got.

I start school on the 18th. Im really excited to go back. I read one of my books for school over vacation and at first it was really really lame but after the first 100 pages it was really good! It was 500 pages long. Crazy. But It was really good. Check it out if you like older more mature books. It's def PG-13 but I think it should be PG-16 lol. Its called Lords of Discipline. Really good. Loved it.

So ya. Peace out!