Aug 23, 2009

Bargain Huntin

Hey guys so today I went purse shopping cause I havent bought like an everyday purse since Feburary which is SO crazy for me because I love purses. I went to tj maxx and Dillards in search and didnt see anything so we went to the bigger TJ Maxx in a different state and I got...

A Juicy Wristlet!
It was only $30 dollars and it was normally $78 so thats pretty much a bargain. I'm not gonna lie, my mom did buy me this because I gave her one of my old coach's I dont like that she likes. So yay! I wanted this cute Betsey Johnson bag but it was stained so Sarah didnt buy it.

Also I think I am getting a regular Macbook because Macbook pro's are too complex for me haha. I like how cute the white ones are anyways because they are so classy looking. I told my mom about the Betsey Johnson laptop cases and she said Santa would bring me one! haha. The one I really like is animal print (shocker ik)

So that's it I think. I cant believe the video I am gonna record tonight might be one of the last ones on my regular camera!

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Blaine said...

hey sarah :) i love all your blogs. its so exciting that your getting a macbook. i LOVE white laptops, i think they look girler and cleaner and classier and idk what else lol. your one of my fav youtubers over, your so gorgeous ;) love the juicy wristlet, what a deal!! :O

sam said...

So cute!!!!!
i also LOVE the laptop case!
i have a white macbook and its really cute! except mines partially broken so screw that!!!!! ahahah:) i need to get a new one!!!
and i also love betsey johnson <3
i also went to TJmaxx bargain shopping and i left with a betsey johnson LARGE..HUGE purse that im using for a book bag.
Its black with white polka dots and pink bows:)

Lauren ♥ said...

congrats on your fabulous find. that wristlet is so cute