Aug 11, 2009

Freakishly Long Update

So I start school next Tuesday and quite honestly im like nervous and excited about going back. I am going into my junior year at my public (people always ask if i attend private school) high school. I have a hard schedule this year. I have two AP classes! Ahh. Im taking a class before school starts every morning so I can have an extra credit. Its quite crazy.

Im going shopping this weekend for school supplies, clothes and maybe a new purse! We are gonna go to Platos Closet to give some of my old Abercrombie shirts for money. Then of course we are going to go to the mall. Yippee! I think we are also going to go to MAC so I can get two brushes, the 224 for sure and either the 219 or 213. I think I might also get brush cleaner. Not sure. Then we are going to go to Ulta cause I need a few things from there. Some OPI, a teasing comb, CHI Silk Infusion, and Proactiv. I'm super excited about Proactiv!

I have a feeling this is going to be a long post. So anyways, I am also thinking about ordering from Candles by Victoria because I dont own any candles lol. I think they would like help me relax as I do my homework because I am a freak like that. So I think I am going to order three candles! Woohoo. The scents I am considering are...
-Pink Sugar (for sure getting). I just love the smell of this perfume so I have to have it in a candle form!
-I'm a Rockstar- smells like Rockstar Soap which I love the smell of.
-Chocolate Chip Cookie- I love chocolate chip cookies. Enough said.
-Flapjacks- One of my favorite foods. How cool is that?
-Honey I Washed The Youngins- People seem to like the smell of Honey I washed the Kids, so might give it a try.
So i must narrow these choices down to two or three!

Hmmm what else can I ramble on and on about... Oh yes. Teen Choice Awards.

First off, WTF Miley? I gotta admit that I like some of her songs but sweet baby jesus what the crap was Miley wearing? That was so innapropriate for her age. I dont wanna see your black bra and slutty shorts! The pole dancing wasnt like really really bad, but she was dancing with a pole. Not pole dancing exactly.

Second thing. Poor Vanessa! That whole joke that the comedian (David Cook?) did was so rude. I dislike her but I honestly felt bad for her.

Third. Fred. Enough said.

Okay so i think I talked aimlessly enough.



Hillarie said...

I'm going into my junior year too, and honestly I don't see how my sophomore year was supposed to be the hardest (that's what they've been telling us since we were in sixth grade... "sophomore year is the hardest")

I'm taking some classes online to stay ahead. I start school in 2 days :(

Oh, definitely review the candles :)

I agree that Miley's performance was a little... raunchy. But I have seen girls the same age walk down the halls at my school dressed even worse (yet we have a "strict dress code"??)

Anonymous said...

I live in England and i dont really understand the whole american schooling system but yeah, i understand how it'll be a tough year.

and as for the whole miley thing, 'sweet baby jesus' i nearly cried laughing haha. I don't understand how her parents would let her do that, i mean she's 16 years old ! thats just crazy. But where i live we get 12 year old girls who look like mini prostitutes, it's horrible to see.

Those candles, i have Honey i wahsed the kids soap, it smells so nice and the same with rockstar i'd suggest them too :). xo

Anonymous said...

Ha sarah I love your blog posts. I am very nervous because I am going to be a freshman in a new public school and my middle school was a small enviornment totally different from my high school. But my FAVORITE PART of going back to school is the shopping. I love getting new clothes, fresh school supplies and other fun things. I start on the 24th. But i know you do cross country and I do too. Weve had training all summer but this wednesday it actually starts and its going to be tougher.

Also I saw the TCA I felt so bad for vanessa I would cry if someone did that to me in front of everybody and Miley Cyrus shouldnt have been dancing in that outfit on a pole. About Fred, he seriously so annoying.