Aug 27, 2009

Feather Headbands.

Feather Headbands seem to be this years new thing. And if you dont know what I'm talking about look at the picture below.

The funny thing is, is when I was in NYC this summer I saw a ton of these being sold at steet vendors on the streets of soho and I was like OMG i have to get one. They were like 8 dollars there. Of course I forgot to buy one... but thats ok. Now I cant find any cute one in stores!

Anyways these are very in this season. It's very gossip girl-esque. It is edgy and chic but at the same time preppy and cute! Anyone can pull them off. I cant wait to find one for fall. It will look adorable with a cardigan.

gossip girl... jk sarah

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Ashley said...

Hey I just found your blog and was going through reading the posts. I love these headbands too and I finally bought one last week. Loving it so much so far. Im not sure where you live but I got mine at a store called Charming Charlie. It is like a big accessories store. It is a brand new store here and was super affordable. There was a headband that looked exaclty like the one in your picture for about $14. I got one similiar for about $7. I have also seen them at target. Hope this helps!