Aug 11, 2009

Love and Hate #2

Back by popular demand!

I'm Loving...

1. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30- I want one so bad. These bags are heaven in a purse. To me they are timeless (well they are) and will never be considered last seasons item. Its a very classy purse that if I had money to spend I would buy like right now.

2. Big Bows- We all know what a big bow looks like and I just love how they look as an accent on shirts or dresses. They are so adorable!

3. Polos- I dont know why I am going back to polos all the sudden. I had like polo overkill back in middle school cause thats all we could pretty much wear. I like the Abercrombie polos personally. Once again these are a timeless piece.

4. Diane von Furstenberg- Everytime I go on polyvore this is what catches my attention. This lady is a fashion goddess!

I'm Hating...

1.Printed Leggings- No offense. I know alot like these cause they are in style now. However, you will not catch me in these suckers. I like denim leggings but thats about it.

2. Rompers- They just arent me. I know some are cute, but not me. Not my style at all. I just dont like overalls and thats what rompers remind me of.

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