Aug 22, 2009


Okay so I have a kinda large announcement! In case you haven't read on twitter or anything, I am buying a Macbook very very soon! My own money every single penny of it. I could not be more excited about it too!

I'm not buying one new though, I'm buying one from someone. Its 100% safe no worries ahah! Now the bad thing about this is I cant buy much until I pay 300 dollars back to my parents because I have all the money but 300 of it. This means no serious shopping. Maybe the occasional going shopping with mom and she treating me to something, but thats it. No MAC till after November I told my mom cause I have plenty. But my wishlist is growing which I guess is good cause I can ask for the things I want for Christmas (125 days I have a countdown on my computer). So ya...

I cant decide if I would rather have the older Macbook Pro like this one...

I like how big the screen is on this one! It has the same amount of GB and hard drive as the white one I'm looking at and they are both around the same price. And they include iLife and Microsoft Office already! So ya thats good! If you have a macbook please tell me which one you have and which one you think I should get.

Then the white macbook looks like this in case you dont know what it looks like,

So I am so excited!



The Late Night Insomniac said...

I personally have the White 13" MacBook (regular) and I LOVE IT!! I also have iLife which is great!..the ratings on it are actually better than Microsoft Office and I personally find it much easier to use!! A lot of my friends have the MacBook Pro (because it is required for their high schools) and they all say that it's good, but it just has a ton of extra features that they don't need.
I'm so excited for you to get it!! I'm sure you will love it, just like I do- I can barely get off!! :) I used to make youtube makeup videos on it as well and the quality was great and you could do a TON of editing on the iMovie..however, I just thought the makeup community was really a waste of time, because honestly-does it really matter who knows how to place their eyeshadow's correctly and who has the EXACT shade of pink-coral lipstick??
ANYWAYS, good luck on getting your MacBook, they are a TON of fun!!..expecially iChat!!

Sarah said...

thank you!

SafeMakeupHaven said...

hi sarah, i have the silver mac book pro and i love it but it is a kinda old laptop and if ur buying it used, i would say go with the white because it is a lot younger and will last longer. hope this is helpful, also since the white is about half the value of the silver it think u should be able to get a better price for the white than the silver!!