Aug 9, 2009

I'm Back!

Hey girls! Long time no talk! Ive been MIA this whole week because I was in Gulf Shores Alabama with my family for vacation. We had a great time and left a day early because the last day it was raining and the beach had one of those red flags which are bad.

I did alot of shopping while I was down there. I spent way for than I planned on spending. Woopsies. I probably spent about $100 down there which is alot to me. So I will probably post a haul sometime soon. Im pretty excited about everything I got.

I start school on the 18th. Im really excited to go back. I read one of my books for school over vacation and at first it was really really lame but after the first 100 pages it was really good! It was 500 pages long. Crazy. But It was really good. Check it out if you like older more mature books. It's def PG-13 but I think it should be PG-16 lol. Its called Lords of Discipline. Really good. Loved it.

So ya. Peace out!

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Jazzsquared and Macksquared said...

thats so weird that you start school that soon
i haven't even finished yet :o