Nov 2, 2009

Best Outfits of Lady Gaga

Not only is Lady GaGa an amazing singer and performer, she is an awesome fashionista. I don't think she gets enough credit for the risks she takes in clothes, she is very avant guard and daring, which is what I love about her outfits. If you ever see something in a store that makes you think "wow who would ever wear that?" Most likely Lady GaGa would. So I have picked out my top outfits she has worn. Enjoy and share your opinion by leaving me a comment.

I love her hair in this picture. I also love the big bow in the front of the leotard and the sunglasses. Good job GaGa!

Who doesnt love her many oragami dresses? I think they look stunning on her.

Another oragami outfit.

Butterflies everywhere. I think the hat and sunglasses pull it all together.

The assymetrical aspect of the dress makes this so interesting. The contrast of curved lines and straight. Love it :)


ILoveNereus said...

wow! i've never taken a look at her outfits before but they are awesome! i love how she styles her hair!

Timeless Fashionista said...

I like the second outfit, it's my favorite..

Anonymous said...

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