Nov 15, 2009

Forever 21 Mini Haul

So I went to Forever 21 today and my new H&M! I didnt see anything really at H&M besides this adorable beret but I talked myself out of it. I did get two things at Forever 21 though that I am super excited about.

First thing I got was this adorable dress. It looks like a black top on the top then under the bust it goes into a interesting print skirt. I love it. It was only like $13, so bargain? Yes!

And lastly I got an awesome pair of violet cordoroys to wear with my black slouchy boots. They will look so cute with them. I couldnt find them online, but I got them for only $7!


sam said...

what did the beret look like?
i went to H&M and bought a black beret with a bow on the side :))) i love it so much

dress is adorable!

brightshimmer8 said...

hey sarah! I saw this dress in ut ootd its soooo cute and u looked adorable!! love it!
pls check out my blog and follow my twitter :) i @replied u a while back and wanna talk :) Abbie said ur sooo sweet and funny