Sep 14, 2009

Kim Kardashian MAC Makeup Favorites

Hey everyone! Today I was just browsing the web and youtube and I found this really interesting website that told me everything that Kim Kardashian wears from MAC and her favorites. Now if you are one of the many haters or someone who already knows this, dont continue reading because Im just going to write about her favorites.

For eyes Kim really likes to use MAC Pigments, according to a few websites her favorites are Naked and Tan for an all over the lid shimmer. And for her signature smokey look she loves to use MAC Carbon, Knight Divine and Embark. Also to keep the shadows from creasing, she uses MAC Painterly Paint Pot.

For lips, everyone knows she uses the MAC Lipstick in Angel.

And for cheeks she likes cream blushes because she says they stay on longer, but she likes to wear the blush in Pink Swoon.


Anonymous said...

omg thats really cool to know. i love kim kardashian shes really pretty. great blog post!

brightshimmer8 said...

yeah! i ve heard these! i love kims makeup shes not afraid to go bold, which i love about any girl.
Im getting Angel in the spring wen i go to florence! so im excited.
i love u sarah!
we need to talk! i havent talked to u in forver! tweet me :P