Sep 10, 2009


I have been slacking on the blog recently and I am super sorry. I know most of you are following this blog for makeup or fashion related purposes, but no, I have to be a slacker and not do any. I apologize cause this is another update...

Recently I have had a butt load of homework. I had a fashion project that was due yesterday that took me forever and a half. I had to find 69 (no pun intended) examples of like sleeves, necklines, dresses ect. Difficult stuff. And I have a ton of homework every night in Pre-Cal. No fun. Then I have a Spanish test tomorrow that I really need to study for.

Homecoming is next week. I am pretty dern excited for that. I am going to my friends house before hand to get our pictures taken with all my friends and to eat dinner. So thats fun right? I have also been thinking about my makeup I am going to wear with my dress. I think I am going to do a neutral look because I just like neutrals haha. My dress is black, so nothing exciting. Oh and I dont have a date, which is totally awesome cause I like going single and dancing with any guy I want. No I am not a whore but that sounded very whoreish.

Oh yah and in case you didnt know this already, I got a MacBook! Finally! The quality is amazing and I love it so much. Its just so lovely. I am in love with it.

I have been on a major MAC craving lately. I just want to go to the cosmetics store and buy tons of stuff, especially the dupes for the mac spiced chocolate quad. If you want to know the dupes just read the post below this. Like I need the quad haha. I might just put them in a quad and pretend its the Spiced Chocolate quad, just kidding. I just want it so much cause I think it will make my eyes pop. Oh yah that reminds me people say they like my eyes in my last video and some dont believe those are my real eyes... but they are. I am not wearing colored contacts lol.

Ok I have typed enough and need to eat dinner.

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Rubenesquex3 said...

I miss Homecoming, my college doesn't have any fun dances unfortunately. I always did a neutral/dramatic look if that makes sense. Neutral eyes and dramatic lips or vice versa. Have fun at the dance! =)