Sep 30, 2009

Another Update...

Wow guys I suck at keeping my blog updated during the school year. Please forgive me! I know some people like reading my fashion/makeup posts but I havent had the time do them! Sorry sorry sorry! So here is a lame update...

-Ive had a butt load of homework, projects and papers. Especially in my Fashion 2 class. Ive had three projects this past month in my Fashion 2 class. One we had to go through magazines and such to find 70 examples of necklines, sleeves, pant styles, short lenghts, dress styles, skirts and more. That took me forever and I didnt even finish some examples, so I got like a 94% which is okay with me! Then right now I have a powerpoint of fashion in the 1930's due Friday and I have to do four sketches of designs for my time period then make an outfit for a Barbie to show it off... Yeah kinda difficult to make Barbie clothes cause they are so small.
-Homecoming was fun though! I loved my dress that I borrowed from my friend cause I couldnt find one I really liked. I will put a picture somewhere in this post! Thats me with my friend. We are pretty :D
-Ive been injured so much this cross country season. I had knee problems at the beginning of the year and now I have a problem with my achilles so my time is like 3 minutes slower than usual for a 5k. Im terrible this season. Hopefully I will do better Saturday!

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