Oct 4, 2009

Love & Hate #3

I'm Loving...

1. The City- I use to not really like this show, it was rather boring in my opinion but this second season is really entertaining and better than the new season of the Hills!

2. Big Necklaces- I love to pair these big necklaces with a scoop or v neck plain shirt from Forever 21. It really makes the outfit more chic and trendy. Forever 21 is a great place to pick up big necklaces for a small price.

3. Milly's Spring 10' Collection- Really classy and really preppy! It incorporates jackets and bows which I adore. To see the entire collection go to style.com.

4. The Colder Weather- I love fall and winter. Especially the holidays! I cant wait for Christmas. Christmas music rocks :D

5. Steph Pratt's Style- She is really chic. She uses a few trends at once without being too trendy. I miss her old face though.

I'm Hating...

1. The Hills- I thought I would never say this... but since LC left, the show continues to get worse. I loved the show when Lauren was on it but now that Kristen is the main character its trash. And I'm upset Steph Pratt got plastic surgery!

2. Bubble Skirts- I am not partically fond of most of these skirts, no offense, but they dont fit me very well. They look good on some but not me.

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