Jan 4, 2010

Forever 21 for Less than 21

Hey girls! So as most of you know I am a huge fan of Forever 21. I love that store, I seriously believe half or more of my wardrobe is from there. Its well priced and very fashionable. Last night when I was checking out the clothes because I was ordering stuff, I saw a ton of cute pieces that I think you all would love to see that are all under $21 Plus I know alot of you like it when I show you all my "style".

The first item is this adorable top. Probably my favorite shirt on the site. I love the sleeves on this top because they are really trendy but sophisticated. I think its a very preppy shirt and I really like wearing blacks, not because I am gloomy, but because its a very slimming color. Only $17.80!!

The next top is really feminine and sophisticated, my favorite type of clothing! Its a chiffon top with a deep V neck and a slimming waistline that just hits you right in your smallest part of your waist. I love the soft florals in this shirt and the lace. This detailed shirt is only $19.80. Bargain?! Yes!

This dress is super cute. Its got the nice floral bottom part of the dress that is available in two different colors, pink or blue, personally I like the pink because I just love pink. Not to mention the top part is black, my favorite color to wear! Its a great piece to add to your wardrobe for the Winter and even into Spring because of the floral print. This can be yours for $13.80.

The skirt is so trendy! Its high waisted and houndstooth, can you get any better than that? I love the bow on the front because it just adds a flair of girlyness to it which I love! It would look really cute with a white or black plain shirt and a silver neckace.
Its $14.80,

So that wraps up my post for today. I hope you all enjoyed this!

As always XOXO,

Sarah Belle


Elizabeth said...

second shirt is sooo ugly you should return it. elle has it in white, but its wayy cute in white.

Anonymous said...

i bought the floral dress . . . and i must say it is my favorite piece of clothing i own now! its amazingly comfortable too!

Chrissy said...

Really nice stuff.Especially like the dress,wanted to order it,too.but shipping to germany is just really expensive.
Great blog !