Jan 8, 2010

Proactiv at a Glance

This is just a really super fast post because in a few minutes I have to go get ready to go sit on some babies aka babysit. I am really tired but hey, money! So anyways I was sent products to review from Proactiv and I featured them in my newest video: My Skincare Routine. I actually started Proactiv in August and it actually did tame the ugly under the skin acne I had. I had a ton of little bumps on my forehead and I couldnt even cover it up because the texture was so bumpy. So we gave Proactiv a shot and it cleared up those bumps and decreased the amount of breakouts I had. I know Proactiv doesnt work for some people, but it worked for both my brother and I.

My brother had acne on his cheeks and forehead pretty badly and I think its safe to say that Proactiv decreased the amount of breakouts he had. My favorite items are the renewing cleanser and the moustirizer because to me these items are the items that really help eliminate those weird skin problems/ acne I had.

Enjoy that lovely picture I posted of my before Proactiv and after Proactiv! Its hard to see the bumps in the before picture but believe me, its there.


Timeless Fashionista said...

I like your hair color in pic 2.. very pretty.

yo said...

sarah i dont have acne at all so would it be good to use just to clean your face?????
and i dont really go on blogspot that much except to view your blog so i would be nice to reply to that on your twitttttter :) :)