Dec 31, 2009

Alice in Wonderland!

Ok. I have been major slacking on my blog lately, like I completely forgot about it and I am very ashamed of myself. Bad Sarah!
But i have an excuse this time I promise. It was the Holiday season so i couldnt really do much because I was so busy with making cookies, wrapping gifts and stuff like that. So thats my excuse... moving on!

Urban Decay has released a new Book of Shadows with "Alice in Wonderland" and I am not going to lie, these colors are amazing! It retails for around 40 dollars I think and was released on December 28th. I really want to check this out because its too cute and features 16 Urban Decay eyeshadows in it. Some eyeshadows names are even based off of actual things from the book/movie. I've included two pictures below so take a look!

Also I was looking at some MAC promo pictures for their new collection and I think this is Ali Michaels aka my favorite model in the photo. It looks just like it. She was also in a Coach ad not to long ago. She is so fierce!


brightshimmer8 said...

adorable! i want it :) btw. ur background s just like mine!! :D
pls visit my blog :) and comment it would mean the world to me
love u sarah!!

SimpleRecollections said...

Brittany Kramer from YouTube( has thesame pAlette)))She did gorgeous review on he rpage