Jan 4, 2010

Current Wishlist

1.) Flip Mino HD Camcorder- Have you guys seen the tests for this camcorders quality? Umm lets just say, its amazing! At first I was like who would want this because you cant even see yourself when your filming which I alway like because you can see if your in the frame or your hair is messed up. But I really like this plus its so small I can carry it in my purse in case I have those days when I feel like getting some footage or just silly videos as keepsake memories of high school.

2.) Bird Necklace- This is from Forever 21 just to let you know and I already ordered this online because its so freaking cute. I love silver jewelry and I just love the little bird. Now Im just waiting to receive this in the mail. Just waiting...

3.) Gray Tall Uggs- My mom was about to buy me these last sunday when we went shopping but for some reason I told her no? I dont know why. Cause she felt bad that I didnt get a "big" present this year. And I didnt get my Uggs that I wanted so badly! But thats okay I am very appreciative of what I have. Thanks mom and dad!

4.) Patent Leather Coach Poppy Spotlight- Except I want it in that plum one because I just love the color plum. They didnt have a picture of that one though on Polyvore, which is where I made this collage of stuff I want. Its such a cute bag and its sophisticated but young at the same time since its patent purple leather!

5.) Speedy 30- Must I explain this one? Its only the most classy bag ever (well other than Chanel). I just want one so bad before I go off to college.

6.) Hot Tools Curling Iron- My friend Mimi, Beautyxxgoddess on youtube, always talks about how amazing hot tool curling irons are, so i was like hey I want to try one. I want the one she has which I think is the 5/8 of an inch because when she does tutorials the curls always turn out so much like Taylor Swifts.

Thats it :) Tell me whats on your WISH list for the new year :)



Anonymous said...

juicystar07/allthatglitters21 wannabe much?

ILoveNereus said...

hey sarah! i got a flip ultra hd, and i'm really liking it. even though the mino hd is better quality and more expensive, i think you should look into getting the ultra hd because it seems to be more durable, and even though it's a little thicker than the mino, it has a matte finish, and i don't know, but i think it's better :) haha that's just my opinion though haha

yo said...

hi sarah! i just recently got tall grey uggs (for xmas) !! yay! and here is my new years wishlist!!
for xmas i also got dkny perfume, edhardy womens, andralph lauren original so i think im all set for perfumes for a while but when i get a chance i really would like vera wang princess :)
i also would like a tiffanys braclet ( not the dangle heart, but a different one i dont know what its called!)
i want the LG ENV touch cell phone (while i wait for the iphone to come to verizon!!)
I also want a new canon camera! i think they are the best brand of cameras ever and i want a pink or black one
the last thing i want is a sigma brush set :)

yo said...

she isnt copying off of juicystar07 and allthatglitters!!!!! even if she saw someone else that had it and she liked it and wants it doesnt mean shes copying!!
so many people have all of these things..
and its hard not to want something if you see someone else that has a beautiful thing!! :) :)

Hannah said...

Hey Sarah! Looks like you have a very well made out wishlist to start saving for;) Hope you end up getting what you want, one way or another:p

Shell said...

Hey! I just started watching your channel on YT and am loving you blog!!! look forward to more withs in the new year Xx

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