Jul 22, 2009

Back To School In Style

Hey girls! Today I have a post about things I am going to look for when I go back-to-school shopping like trends and stuff so yah enjoy this post and comment in the cbox or right below this post where it says comment.
1. Comfortable basics. What I mean by this is that I'm going to get a bunch of plain shirts with versitile colors and neutrals, preferably v neck cause I dunno I like them I guess. This black v neck below is only $5.80 at Forever 21. A steal!

2. Straight leg jeans. Yah we all know what these are, but I think these would look really cute paired with my flats that I have. I live in flats at school. Never ever will you find me in gym shoes unless I'm out running. Gross. I hate gym shoes.
3.. Before I was never into destressed jeans, but now I kinda like them! I am gonna get a pair because I think the rips and such give your outfit a more young and vintagy look. I found a super cute pair from 7 for around 200, or hey you can destroy your own pair of jeans!

4. Pearls. I think pearls are a really easy way to make a outfit more feminine and classy. I do not own a pair of pearl earring or necklace (my mom does though). To save money of course Im going to buy fake pearls cause I tend to misplace jewelry easily.

5. Bold Jewelry. I read that big and bold jewelry will be in style this fall. Now obviously not like tacky big jewelry but just a splash of somethiong big will do the trick. Maybe a big bracelet bangle or something or I could try a necklace like below and wear it with a plain white or gray shirt.
6. Girly. Okay that narrows it down I know lol. Well when I was at forever 21 last week I saw the cutest dress (below). The print was very young girl/ vintage and I decided I reallywould like to try some of these little printed dresses. I love wearing sundresses to my school because during the beginning of the year its soo hot.
7. Colorblock dress. Im a very boring person because I love wearing plain clothing but making it more interesting by adding accessories. For about 15 dollars for this dress, why not!?
8. Funky Flats or Sandals. Once again you will never find me in gym shoes. So, the more flats I can find the better. I want a pair in black white and brown so I can wear them with any of my outfits.

9. Dark Nail Polish. I'm getting really kinda bored with all these bright nail polishes that I own. I barely have any darker colors and I noticed that Lauren Conrad wears alot of dark nail polishes too. I want to try OPI Lincoln Park after Dark and a bunch others!

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Annabelle said...

you have such a cute style ahhh I love it! You're so lucky you still get to go back to school shopping... my parents wont take me because I'm an "adult" now... yeah it sucks. haha
Anyways I love all these things. I think you're right about the pearls; I have a pearl necklace and earring set and I loveeee them! They look so classic. And the distressed jeans look awesome. I just bought a pair of really cute distressed sevens last month that are adorable.
anywayysss can't wait to see your back to school haul... haha