Jul 21, 2009


Hey girls! So today I was searching online for some cute sunglasses for my vacation thats in like two weeks. I have two pairs of sunglasses that I really like but of course I want to buy a pair just for this trip (or maybe two pairs). While I was searching I came across this website called BleuDame.com. I looked around on the website and I think every pair of sunglasses is under $15! With us and canada shipping for only $2.95.

1.The first pair I found were these adorable aviators. I have large eyebrows and its hard to find sunglasses that dont look really awkward on my face. These ones are large and big sunglasses are very in and what I typically wear. A great find for only $12.80. Not to mention the site guarentees they are authentic vintage.

2. The next pair I found are alot like the ones Hayley (treschicbeauty) got at Forever 21. I loved the pair she has but I couldnt find them at my little forever 21. Yea I looked because im a copycat! haha. These ones are adorable and are alot like the ones Whitney Port has been seen wearing on episodes of the Hills. They are avaliable for the low price of $14.80 and have a variety of colors!
3. The next pair is another pair of aviators. These ones are alot like the first ones I showed yall but just metal frames. Except they are much larger! And brown. These pairs can be purchased for the low price of $12.80!

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