Jul 23, 2009


Hey girls! To start things off I'm going to do an update on here because I am super bored. Its 1:23pm and I gotta go get ready for skating in less than two hours then I have cross country practice right after that. Joy. Anyways, I'm leaving for vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama next Saturday and I realized I dont have anything to put all my makeup in so I might order a black traincase with blue writing on it from Glitzy Glam tonight. If I do I hope it gets here before next saturday!

The condo we are staying in doesnt have wifi unfortunately, at least I dont think so. That kinda sucks. But its right next to the beach. I love Gulf Shores. Its so beautiful there and the stores/restaurants are amazing. Ive been here like five times already so we pretty much know our way around. They have amazing outlets too. I'm pretty pumped to go to the CCO there. I havent been to a CCO since September which was quite a while back. Oh yeah and there is a Juicy Couture and Coach outlet. Yippee!

I was talking to my aunt yesterday and she said something about going on a girls trip to a big city for my grandma's 70th birthday this fall. Now my grandma is very healthy for her age so she can handle the big cities. So of course I suggested going to New York City cause my grandma has never been. My aunt said she would think about it! I really hope we go there because I really really really really really want to go back. Its my favorite place I have ever been and I really want to live there when I'm older. An internship for some fashion place or magazine would be sweet but lets be realistic that will never happen. Anyways I think it would be so cool to go to NYC in the fall. Talk about beautiful. Plus I could wear cute layered clothes cause it would be cooler than it was when I went this summer. Omg I wanna go so bad. Central Park would probably be the prettiest place to go to in the fall. Im dying just thinking about it!

Oh yah and today my aunt and grandma asked me if I wanted to go shopping at the mall that has the mac sephora coach ect and of course I couldnt cause I have to go to skating. Boohooo. I wanted to pick up a Sephora by OPI nail polish in metro chic and a harajuku lovers perfume in Lil' Angel or G. But now I cant.

So thats about it. Sorry for such a boring post.


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