Jul 29, 2009

July Favorites

Okay so for non beauty related things this month, I am loving:
  • Bow Headbands - they are so preppy and adorable. The one in the first picture is my favorite one I have. I bought it at Forever 21 at Union Sq NYC. It was only $1.50! But I have 5 other headbands with bows lol!
  • Super Straight Hair - I just love how straight my hair gets when I actually take my time and straighten ever piece of hair. Of course it majorly damages it.
  • Teen Vogue - The best magazine ever. I worship it. I have been a loyal subscriber for three long years!
  • LA Candy - A great book. Amazing author! Lauren Conrad is legit.
  • Bonjour! - The greatest line in Treschicbeauty's new video about her 1 year anniversary with youtube. Its great. Check it out now.
  • Paper Gangsta - My new favorite song by Lady Gaga. Its amazing and very catchy haha.
  • Mamma Mia the Movie - Legit.

Thats it! Until next time!


1 comment:

sam said...

i have the same favorites! lol
we have alot in common <3