Jul 26, 2009

Random Facts About Sarah

I couldnt think of a good blogpost for today, so here is a boring random facts about me post. This might be boring to you guys, but I love doing blog posts! Enjoy (if you decide to read on).

1. I love fashion more than makeup. I know its kinda crazy cause I am a makeup guru on youtube, but fashion is something that I have always been passionate about and may even be something I do as a career and study in college. In high school I write most of my papers about something fashion related and Im even in a Fashion class at my school.

2. I want to live in New York. My favorite place I have ever been. Fashion capital!

3. I never ever wear gym shoes to school or out in public unless I am exercising. I just dont think gym shoes are appropriate for everyday wear. They are meant for working out and nothing else. However sneakers like Coach shoes I wear. More fancy and classy.

4. I love bananas and banana flavored candy. They are so yummy. The banana laffy taffy is the best!

5. I figure skate twice a week because I have an already super busy schedule and dont have much extra time for skating.

6. I am a terrible singer. I can not sing to save my life. I sound like Denise Richards when she sings.

7. Freshman year, I made my teachers stupid list more than anyone in any of his classes. Nothing to be proud of I know. But he wrote down whatever dumb comment anyone said. I remember one that made the list and it was "Was Britney Spears at woodstock?" I didnt know what woodstock was. lol.

8. I cant stand it when my nails are chipped and clash with my outfit. Thats mainly why I am so nail polish obsessed. I've always been a major nail polish freak even before youtube.

9. I get stung alot. Not as much as AllThatGlitters did when she was little though. Good thing I am not allergic.

10. My favorite movies are The Notebook and 27 Dresses. I am proud to say that I am proud supporter of chick flicks!

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