Jul 20, 2009

Love and Hate

Okay so I dont know what to do a blogpost about, so I'm going to do one on things, trends, just everything I'm loving and hating at the moment.

I'm Loving:

1. OPI Princesses Rule on top of OPI Pink-ing of You. How cute is that? It seriously looks like ballet slippers. I've had it on since Saturday and it hasnt chipped yet. I used an OPI Base Coat. 2 coats of "Pink-ing of You". 1 coat of "Princesses Rule" and a coat of OPI Top Coat.
2. Milly. Okay this is a fashion line that I do not think gets enought credit. I love Milly ever since I saw Karlie Kloss rocking this blue dress and a hippie headband on the runway. Shown Below. Its so chic and young. Love it!
3. Pearls. I want so pearls. They are so classy looking. It's something I am most def. gonna look for when I go back to school shopping.

I'm Hating:

1. Marc Jacobs Cardigan. Seriously Marc what were you thinking? I love his designs. He was one of my first favorite designers I followed every fashion week since I've been into high fashion but whats with this patriotic sweater?
2. Gold. I've never liked gold and I never will like Gold. It's just not a color that appeals to me in clothing or jewelry. White gold is good though.
So thats about all I can think of right now at 12:12am. lol. Feel free to leave a comment saying if you like these kinds of posts and what you hate or like currently!


Hayley said...

LOVE this blog post...I so agree with you on everything..WTF Marc Jacobs and I HATE gold! Sterling Silver ftw! ;)

I think I may do a blog post like this...im kinda an insomniac :)

Lauren ♥ said...

hey sarah...i enjoy reading this kind of blog post. i learm more about you, and what intrests you.

btw those pink nails are super cute
lauren ♥

pierce79 said...

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