Jul 25, 2009

Into Sarah's Purse

Hey Girls! So today I was thinking of a good blog post that was somewhat interesting to yall cause no one seems to really read my posts. Thats sad. Lol. So here is a whats in my purse blog post. I saw people on flickr posting pictures of what's in their bag, so I figure why not on my blog. Today for some reason when I went shopping I used my Replica Louis Vuitton Speedy 30.

What's In My Purse?
-Nail File
-Tootsie Roll Pencil
-LG Chocolate
-Hair things
-Seem Ripper
-Allergy Meds (I'm allergic to dogs)
-iTouch and earphones


Blaine said...

aww, people read your blogs :) at least i know i do lol. that was a really good idea! the vids can be kinda boring, but seeing it all out together like that makes it more interesting, i guess lol :p great idea, luv ya!

applecrisp said...

I love your posts! Sorry your allergic to dogs!

jollymcmoo said...

OMG, cute bag:) i love it! read your post all the time;) that's a really cool idea & i love your videos on youtube:)

Sam p said...

heyy ! great idea!!
i see you have a really cute notepad from the teen vogue fashion university
did you go to the one in new york for like a day or two in the summer??
i would love to get feedbak on how it was becuase i really want to go next year
thanks <

Jazzsquared and Macksquared said...

I love your blog!
where did you get the bag???
check my blog out

katty said...

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javieth said...

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