Jul 20, 2009

Coach Poppy... say whhaaaat?

So as you guys know, Coach has launched their new line of handbags and accessories for the fall called The Poppy Collection. They tried to make this line affordable because everything is under $400. If you ask me thats still pretty expensive but oh well. This line of handbags seems to be aimed more toward the younger generation but if you like it, get it! The three below are the possibilities of the bags I might get. Only one or none will be chosen out of the three.

The first one is this purple one. Retailing for around $260. I love the style and color of this one. Very pretty purple except one con is its very limiting.
The second one is the Poppy Pop C Spotlight. This ones my moms favorite. Love the modern look of the C's put together. Except Im not a big metallic gold person.
The last one is the black one. Very versitile but can be bored. Love the shape. Perfect size for me.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Hey, I think you should go with the black one because it will go with waaayyy more outfits. x